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International Flight Resources was established in 2005, because our parent company, PBAS Jets (an aircraft management company), needed to provide its customers with the very best personalized attention in flight planning, dispatching and ground coordination.

Our organization fulfills all demands of corporate and private jet ownership and operations.  IFR provides a complete and comprehensive range of services covering all aspects of trip planning and flight support services, while customized and complete aircraft management is provided by our parent company, PBAS Jets.

The IFR team of specialized personnel understands the importance of attention to every detail and the need follow through on each and every request in order for a flight to operate seamlessly and without incident, delays or surprises.

IFR’s dispatchers and support team provide the highest level of personalized attention to its customers at all times. This is our standard operating procedure and it not only provides the very best result, but is usually the most economical and convenient solution.

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